The Best in the Business

We provide catering services we have got an in-house capacity to hold over 200 persons. The service menu has a wide range of items that available for display to select items, but we also make special dishes based on the requirement of clients.


We make your birthday parties more pleasant and delightful. We guarantee the high quality of services with a broad array of dishes especially formulated for the ones who wish to celebrate their birthdays filled with memorable flavors.


A wedding ceremony, a day worth remembering for a lifetime and we, at Karahi Point are committed to making this special day even more special with dishes made to the level of perfection. We prioritize all events, but we tend to put our heart in a wedding ceremony as it is based on two things, the event itself and the food, the food that can put a smile on faces and we aim to achieve that smile.


When it comes to real professionalism in meetings, after a successful presentation or a meet-up, one cannot deny it narrowing down to food and what can be more better if its served warm. With an in-house capacity to hold over 200 persons, we ensure best quality food, in time. For online booking, please visit our reservation icon on a menu or call us.


Our at-home catering service is the best way to make a gathering eventful for all to remember. Invite your friends, family or relatives, and let us make your occasion a memorable one.

For further info related to our catering services, please call.

Contact #: 416.749.2997
Timings : 12 noon to 5 pm